About Hacksaw Hockey Club

A name connecting the likes of Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and a tool fundamental in maintaining a blade’s strength under tension - Hacksaw Hockey Club is an outfitter for those who want to reflect character off the ice. Whether at the rink or not.

Rooted in endless passion for the game and developed with style and intention, longtime buds Mike Hranica and Anthony Barlich developed the idea of a hockey brand that promotes inclusivity to the greatest game on earth paired with exceptional design, that which is simply unseen in the game’s culture. Many players have had a knack as to how their dress demonstrates his or her personality, but we haven’t seen a company with the right, meaningful conviction, nor the design to match.

Athletes do not want to be constantly typecast to something so uniform as tracksuits. Young skaters want something more alternative than what the jocks wear. Beer leaguers want the world to know their passion for hockey.

Join us at Hacksaw to better the look of hockey-wear and to expand the game for more than just the boys. Keep your head up and have fun out there.